Nakaya Piccolo Writer Aka-Tamenuri Fountain Pen

Here is the 500th post of this blog and it is a Nakaya. Aaaand it is red! Before you start asking how did you get it, how did you handle the customs procedure etc I will tell you that, it is not mine! A friend of mine gave it to me to share within the blog. Eventually it is not possible to have everything we desire in life. For example that mansion by the sea shore, that Ferrari having 0-100 km in 3 seconds or that expensive fountain pen. However, staring at beautiful things lightens our day. It increases our aesthetic perception. Like this Nakaya Piccolo.
Nakaya Piccolo Writer is a small member of Nakaya family. The clip-less version of this pen is called Cigar. Cap top and body top is a bit pointy but the general lines of this pen is quite soft. And Aka-Temanuri ise reference of this great red color in Japanese.
This great piece of gold in the grip section is called “zo-gan” in Japanese and Damascene in English. It is made of gold or sea shell. However, they say, sea shell may get discolored with hand oil etc in time so it is recommended to get in white gold.
And what about the nib. As you can see this nib is cut-out from the wings. This cut-out makes this nib more flex or elastic as Nakaya refers. This nib I have is referred as Super Elastic Fine. However, do not think that it is a vintage flex, flex. It is a bit springy and has line variation. However, it is not a real flex.
Even though I don’t have one, I like Nakaya pens. And I think being hand-made with special nibs and clips and chance to specialize the pen is the main reason that I like them. Which Nakaya you have in your mind or dreams?
Zeynep Nippen


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