Nemosine Singularity Fountain Pen Review

This week’s pen is Nemosine Singularity which you may come across with it before on “Currently Inked” posts. Nemosine is rather a new brand on the market. However they make a lot of penthusiast happy with their decent prices and nib choices. Screw cap, convenient standard cartridge/converter filling system and a lot of color choice is also a plus.
First I got a demonstrator Nemosine Singularity with medium nib from e-bay. However, since I am a huge fan of italic nibs, I was craving for a 0.8 italic nib. And by chance I saw it on a stationery store in Istanbul. In this way, I ended up with a medium nib demonstrator and a 0.8 italic red Nemosine Singularity.
Nemosine fountain pens has screw type nibs. So it is possible to swap nibs between pens and it is very easy. And you can purchase the nibs separately. Nemosine has steel nibs which has a butterfly shaped decoration and “N” logo on it.
I am especially in love with Nemosine’s italic nib. Therefore, it is always on my rotation. Medium nib is also quite wet. It is a bit on the broad side but a very smooth nib.
Nemosine is sold for USD 15 on Amazon. However, they don’t send it to Turkey. It is about USD 18 on e-bay. Body material is plastic and it is possible to say that it is a medium quality product. But I guess it is normal for such a price.
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Zeynep Redpen

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