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Recently, a question posed: “What is an EF nib?”. Then I realized that, sometimes, we think that, everyone knows the thing we use, but it is probably not true. Therefore, I feel myself obliged to do this post.
Regarding the sizes and dimensions below, please bear in mind, that sizes of the nibs may change from one brand to another.
EEF / XXF (Extra-extra Fine): A very small point to give an extremely fine line. Sometimes referred as NP (needlepoint)
EF (Extra-fine): A nib that will give a line width of around 0.4mm. If you have a very small handwriting, EF or F might be suitable for you.
F (Eine): A nib that will give a line width of around 0.6mm. However, it is better to bear in mind, every pen or nib company can produce a different F nib.
M (Medium): It gives a medium line width. If you do not specify a nib size while purchasing a fountain pen, pen generally comes with a M nib.
B (Broad / Bold): B nibs provide you a thicker line width. If you have a large handwriting of if you want more emphasis to the ink on the paper, B nibs will suit for you.
BB (Extra Broad): BB nibs would generally provide a line width of around 1.2mm. It is suitable for large handwritings and signatures.
BBB or 3B (Extra-Extra-broad): Please remember, when the nib gets broader, paper also starts playing an important role. Bleed-through or feathering may occur.
OM / OB (Oblique Medium / Oblique Broad): A nib ground so that the tip slopes to the left, rather like your left foot. Designed for those writers that either rotate the pen anti-clockwise or hold the pen at an unusual angle and if that affects the performance of your pen, then you should be preferring Oblique nibs.
RO / LO (Reverse Oblique / Left Oblique): LO nibs ground in a way that it slopes to the right, rather like a right foot. Generally LO nibs are suitable for left-handed people but it is very hard to find one.
LH (Left Hand): LH nibs are nibs that particularly designed for left-handed people. However, while some left-handed say it doesn’t differ at all, some says it is a lot more easy for them to write with a LH nib. Lamy and Pelikano offer LH nibs. However, don’t forget that, LH nibs have the size of M nibs.
A: A rounded point nib made by Lamy for the abc fountain pen. The size of A nib is between F and M.
I hope, this post helps.
Zeynep Broadnib


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