Noodler’s Burma Road Brown Ink

Hello dear blog! We have a guest from the States today. It is Burma Road Brown ink of Noodler’s which was established as a home made brand of dear Nathan Tardiff. I actually like everything in between such as something in between modern and classic, sour and sweet and when it comes to inks I love the colors between blue and purple, between green and borwn. And Burma Road Brown just falls in the scope.
Noodler’s inks are coming in this standard, square bottom, big mouth glasses. It used to be… From now on (I guess it is temporary) it will be coming in the same shaped bottle but in plastic.
Burma Road Brown is, although the name indicates brown, in between green and brown which can be easily defined as khaki. It is a great shader as you can see from the photos.
It can be used daily, easy to read, no torture to eyes and a good flowing ink. In the writing sample, I used it in my Platinum 3776. Instead of black or blue ink, you can put a character in your writing without risk of being frivolous.
However, this ink is not the best ink going well with water. When you swipe it with a waterbrush, the ink fades and remains a tint.
I personally like this color. I like it especially as it feels like an old handwriting when I write on the yellow/ivory papers.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Americandream

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