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We all have a lot of pens: fountain pens, ballpoints, pencils… Fountain pen enthusiasts often have ink enough for a life time. However, fountain pen or ink does not sufficient itself. It always seeks for a friend, a company. As we lean our head toward the loved one’s chest to pass over our cheers and sorrows, pen also cannot be completed unless leaning its head to the paper. That’s why notebook is important (Ok, I am cutting the crap before I got more and more romantic :p)
Hence, when Gokhan Bey told me that they wanted to send me gift from, I choosed two notebooks for myself. One of the two notebooks was this Note Eco Notebook with 80 gr recycled paper and printed with herbal inks and I tested this notebook with fountain pens.
Test was made with Pilot VP Broad, a very juicy Lady Sheaffer, my new baby Taccia Savanna, fine nib Scrikss Vintage 71, Uni-ball Signo Broad and Dong-A Hexaplus.
As you can see, except very juicy Lady Sheaffer, only Uni-ball Signo Broad made a bit shadowing at the back page. None of the other pens caused a problem. So, if you use fine pens or moderate mediums, it means you can use the back pages either.


There is a pocket at the back cover of the notebook. However, since there is no foling hood, it is not very useful. Yet, it is a nice thought to put a pocket so I appreciate Note Eco.
+ First of all, it was made from recycled paper. It is an important criteria.
+ Besides, quality of the paper is quite good. No back-shadowing except wet pens.
+ And the price is quite convincing. You can buy this pen for 13 TL (app. 5 EUR) from
– If they improve the elastic band a bit and add a folding hood to the back pocket, it will be an optimal notebook I guess.
Re-cycle Re-use Reduce!
Zeynep Recycling,



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