Notebook Personalization

We are human! Even though we act like a herd, we still want to feel
unique and different. That’s why we like to personalize things, we like
to write our names down to the things we own. I kinda like it too. You
know, I got some Uni Posca Pens a while ago and pimped my Moleskine and
this Aniki Notebook before. Then I saw this Uni -ball Signo Pigment Ink
pens on A Penchant for Paper and wanted to give a chance. Even though it
has a limited variety, it is much more available than Posca Pens so I
managed to get it from Notebook Stationery Shop at Metrocity. I got
three colors: White, Silver and Gold and made my first attempt on this
Aniki Notebook which I decorated with Posca before.
I wrote a quote from Le Petit Prince  “Le langage est source de
malentendus” which basically means “Language is the source of
misunderstandings”. First attempt was not bad, so I sketch with a pencil
a Little Prince to the back. And I added another favorite quote
“l’essantiel est invisible pour les yeux” which means “essential is
invisible to eye”. Since the cover is the notebook has leather like
wrinkles it was a little hard to draw but yet I am happy with my Little
By the way, Uni-ball Signo Pigment Ink pens are 6 TL (app. 3 EUR) each while Posca is about 6,5 – 7 TL (app 3,5 EUR). However, Signo Pigment Ink is much more available than Posca’s. When compared by their performances, Posca is much more durable and water resistant after completely dried. Nevertheless, if you cannot find any Posca nearby, give Uni-ball Signo Pigment Ink Pens a try!
So, who likes Little Prince then?

Siz ne düşünüyorsunuz?

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