November 2 Fountain Pen Day



Hi everyone from a very cold snowy Prague. I am actually trying to spend some time before heading to the airport for my plane to Amsterdam where I finally will be getting my Akkerman Inks ┬á­čÖé November 2 was officially announced as Fountain Pen day and there will be a lot of┬áenthusiast around the world celebrating this day as well as pen manufacturers. I will be back at home on October 30 but I have some plans to celebrate this great day together.
We can also arrange a fountain pen meeting with the ones who can participate. What do you think?
PS: By the way, I would like to thank all who called, e-mailed, sent good wishes. We have found the competent surgeon who will make the operation to my sister. She will be operated after the festive. I am planning to be in Ankara at that weekend.  So I thank everyone who supported me at the meantime.


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