Oberthur Notebook and DIY Project

Do you remember my post about TWSBI coming to Turkey via kalemkutusu.com? Upon that post, kalemkutusu.com contacted and told me that they wanted to send a gift as a gesture and this beautiful Oberthur notebook popped up from the box. Best thing about the notebook that it has a removable polyurethane cover outside of it. Besides, Oberthur, going further on fineness, put a zipper and a display window to the cover, so that you could  put your business card or other documents in it. I wanted to personalize it a little bit with adding a cross stitch name chart on it. I am going to start using the notebook soon and I will share my opinion on it as soon as I do.
I want to thank again to kalemkutusu.com for their nice gesture.

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