October Favorites

Since October was a bit short due to travels and feast, pens in use was a few. Of course the other reason was my will to clean the pens and lessen the rotated ones. Starting from left: My favorite pens were: Platinum Maki-e Cranes Over Mt. Fuji, Rotring 600, Sheaffer Touchdown and Moleskine Roller Fluorescent Pen.
October was also very fruitful regarding the art activities (if you can call it art). I tried watercolor for the first time and enjoyed it. My favorite materials were: Derwent Academy Watercolor Set, Sakura Pigma Micron 01 (It is very fine and waterproof, so it doesn’t get smeared with the watercolor), ZIG Kuretake Brush Pen (filled with water and used as watercolor brush) and Clairefontaine Sketchbook with 200 gr paper.
What was your favorites for October?
Zeynep Watercolor


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