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I don’t know what was the Designer Robert Propst was thinking when he first designed the Cubicle offices in 1967 but I believe since then the office employees do not mention him in a good manner. Joking aside, unfortunately corporate life does not allow us to be ourselves too much due to the dress codes and so. Even though companies noticed that individuals expressing themselves become more healthy and that healthy state of mind contributes to productiveness at work, changes in corporate area is not that fast. However, we don’t stand still. Even though we cannot dye our hair into bright pink or cannot wear our cotton beatnik dress we bought from India (of course you are damn luck if you belong to the minority who can do that at work), there are very fine and elegant ways of expressing ourselves at the office. And the best practice for that is, stationery. We can make our office time more fruitful and joyful with rainbow pens, notebooks and several desk gadgets.
And Nishmark steps in just here and conquers our hearts with all range of products from the most colorful to the most plain ones which allow everyone to express themselves. From giant pencil sharpener shaped pen holders to little bitten chocolate notepads, handmade notebooks from Nepal papers; Nishmark offers a vast range of products for the love of stationery.
If you want any of the Nishmark products, what you have to do is very easy: go to and fill your basket and receive your package without paying shipment for the purchases over 100 YTL. However, if you did liked the hand made Tudi Billo notebooks of Nishmark, wait for the next post.


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