Ohto Rook Fountain Pen

Hi there,
Let’s start the week with a mini but practical fountain pen, OHTO Rook. I got this pen from a friend during a Write to Me Often Meeting. It is small but a real workhorse.
If you need a pen which does not invade your whole purse and still be effective.
 This pen has a small body with a loooong cap. So, you have a small pen suitable carrying in your pocket. However, when you post the cap, you get a full size, well-balanced pen without being heavy. Such that, it is nearly as tall as an M400, cap posted.
 Since it is a small pen, OHTO Rook only works with short European cartridges. I don’t think it will be able to welcome any converters including mini’s…
 And the nib is quite good, but of course a bit finer than European mediums however, writes very well and smooth.
 I love this pen and I get it, if I had to carry a small bag.
 What do you think about mini fountain pens?
Zeynep Petitpen

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