From Readers: Faber Castell Writink Resin

“This week’s pen is written by Murat, one of the most active users of Bana Sıkça Yaz Facebook group. I would like to thank him for this great review.”
First of all I would like to thank Zeynep for this chance to write in writetomeoften. I will try to write as short as possible. First of all, I would like to talk about body material of this pen. Although it is a light pen, it gives a certain sense of durability. I loved the feeling that pen gives.
The grip is slightly curved and easy to hold. The cover, unlike the body, is made from a lighter material. Probably hard plastic. One of the features I like the most is the clip. Clamp-type clip can fulfil the task of holding the paper without tearing the pockets and papers.
About nibs; both of my fountain pens have a black B nib. F, M nibs options are also available. Even though there is a slight scratch in one, I am not bothered too much. Faber Castell used a wet nib in this pen as well as the other fountain pens. I can say that it provides a very soft writing experience.
Who should take these fountain pens? It is a very convenient pen for daily use. If you don’t want to use your expensive pens daily, Faber Castell Writink is a good alternative for your daily use. It can also make a good gift for a friend who is new to fountain pens. But do not forget to give it with a good notebooks as this wet writer may not be suitable for all notebooks.  To put in a nutshell, Faber Castell Writink fountain pen is for everyone. I believe with its different colors and patterns, it may even seduce Lamy enthusiasts.
What is your favorite daily pen?


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