Online Switch Fountain Pen with Stylus

Hello All,
This week’s pen is a German brand: Online. Online is a very wide-spread brand in Germany where you can come across with many different size and style fountain pens everywhere. This brand was once came to Turkey and disappeared after a while but recently we are able to see it again on the stationery stores.
Stylus with Fountain Pen
Online Switch has a feature that you can use it as a stylus as well. If you are using your smart phone or tablet regularly, you can like it.
Online Fountain Pen Nib
Online Switch has a medium steel nib. And the grip section is made of soft silicone. There is an ergonomic design in grip section which leads you to hold the pen in right angle without making your grip uncomfortable. The cap is a solid click.
Online Fountain Pen Writing Sample
Online fountain pens generally have great nibs. And in this fountain pen I had a great, smooth nib again. This pen has several cap colors and the color on the cap is matching with the color on the grip section. Besides, you can use it with standard European cartridge and converters. I think it is a nice pen for daily use. Did you like it?
Zeynep Onlinepen


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