P.W. Akkerman Voorhout Violet Ink Review


Akkerman inks are making fountain penthusiast drooling for a while. Last year I made an order to a friend of mine who is living in Amsterdam and had my inks delivered when I went there. Actually Akkerman has a shop in Amsterdam but at that time I couldn’t find it there and so lazy to go Den Haag so I ordered online.
First I have to tell that, Akkerman ink bottle is amazing. There is a long bottle neck right on the top of a bulbous dome shaped body. Best feature of this bottle is the ball placed right between the body and bottle neck. So, even though there is a little ink left, when you turn the bottle upside down, ink fills in the neck and the ball prevents it to go back. So we have a little pool of ink on the bottle neck and we can use the ink conveniently till the last drop.
I have two bottles of Akkerman and one of them is No:15 Voorhout Violet. (Voorhout is a district in The Netherlands). This time I sampled this ink with a glass nib dip pen which I have been gifted by my great friends from their trip to Japan.
Voorhout Violet is an ink that behaves well. I don’t know why, I generally used this ink with my flex pens even though it does not have too much shading. It is a very dark tone of purple that it seems black in wet nibs. I can even call it “gothic”. You can see another writing sample from here. 
What I have as the closest colors to the Voorhout Violet are; Rohrer&Klingner Scabiosa, Caran d’Ache Storm and J. Herbin Pouissiere de Lune. Besides, even though I don’t have the samples, I know that it also looks similar to Diamine Grape and Diamine Damson. If you are looking for dark tones of purple ink, which looks like black but not, then it is quite possible that you can like P.W. Akkerman Voorhout Violet. Akkerman has switched to 60 ml bottles recently. The price is one bottle is 15 EUR but the shipping in Europe (including Turkey) is 20 EUR. You can check the colors from this website.
What is your favorite ink bottle?
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