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Hi All,
You have seen this great notebook as a glance in the previous Sunday Post. Full name of this notebook is “Notebooks by Papersense for Ink” and it is kind gift from Ms Gökçeler. She doesn’t know that  I fall for watercolor paitings but she did a great thing with gifting this notebook to me.
On the removable paper label of the notebook, it says A6 pattern series 48 pages ruled notebook and apart from those information, it says “Compatible with Fountain Pen” Wouvv this is such a line! Let’s see how it is going.
I tried my Papersense notebook with 3 different fountain pens. The first one is a quite fine nibbed, Danish School Pen,  Penol. I inked it with Graf von Faber Castell Garnet Red. The second one is my favorite Chinese Pen Lily 717. Even though it is fine, it might be my wettest pen and I inked it with Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo.  And the third pen is a broad nibbed Parker 51 which is quite wet and inked with Montblanc Diamond Blue.
And ta-da! The back of the page has just some ghosting but still it is quite fresh to use. Papersense suprises me with being compatible with the fountain pens.
I liked this stitched notebook. However, I really couldn’t find online, where to buy it. When I google papersense notebooks, only some books appears. Maybe the producer of these notebooks reads this blog and decides to produce this notebook in bigger size and with blank paper. What a lovely dream!
By the way, this weekend, I will be on a train, more than 24 hours and visit a remote city in Turkey. Wish me good luck and do not worry if your comments delayed on publishing.
Zeynep Happyflower


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