Pelikan 140 Fountain Pen Review


(Again a blogger mess, I cannot upload it in the way it should be) Imagine, this pen which was a birthday gift to someone in 1960 is now in your hands. Never used, never inked… Obviously, it was a wrong gift. Or maybe, this person had a car crash, or deceased at an early age or simply he/she didn’t want to use this pen at all.
On the trimming there is a marking which Pelikan doesn’t use anymore. The model of the pen is finely engraved on the cap trim. I think it is an important detail. Modern pens have only Pelikan Germany engravings. Sad, just sad…
Nib is 14 carat gold and has the engraving of Pelikan logo in previous version. It is a semi-flex nib. So the feed is a bit different from modern Pelikan’s.
On the left side you can see a Pelikan M150 feed and 140 on the right side. Feeds are completely different in shape.
As a classic Pelikan feature, it is a piston-filler pen. I inked it with Caran d’Ache Storm. As you can see from the writing sample, the nib has a nice flex (not a full flex but pretty good) Especially within big S’s (or eights if you wish) there is no railroading as the feed provides a great ink flow. I really liked this pen. And guess whom it belongs to? Of course Turgay Bey. But it is one of the pens that I would like to buy if I can find. I also recommend you not to let it fly away if you ever come across with one.
Zeynep Oldies van Goldies


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