Pelikan 400 Tortoise Shell Fountain Pen Review


This week I would like to introduce you with a great vintage pen, a Pelikan M400 in tortoiseshell. As you may guess, this pen is from the magnificent collection of Mr. Turgay’s. This pen is also one my dream pens.
It has a 14c gold nib with classic decoration of vintage Pelikan’s. It is a quite wet and broad nib. And I would like to tell you that it has a nice, sweat flex. It does not make you exhausted while giving flex to the line and you don’t feel like torturing the pen.
The pen has the engraving of Pelikan’s old logo. This logo has been engraved on top of the cap and painted afterwards. Actually on most of the vintage Pelikans’ this paint chips off. But imho, I like this wear and tear look.
I used that pen with Pelikan Edelstein Jade and to be honest I couldn’t take my hands off of it for a while. Even though it is hard to find a proper paper for such a broad and wet pen, it is a pleasure to write with it.
It is a bit hard to find vintage Pelikans (of course in Turkey) but maybe your grandparents have one hidden in the depth of an old drawer.
BTW: Even though our place for Izmir meeting is not determined yet, for Istanbul I look forward to see you all in Kadıköy Ada Kültür Cafe (Rıhtım Str. No:8) on April 5, 16:00-18:00. We can have a little chat about fountain pens, inks and paper.
Zeynep Vintagepen

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