Pelikan 400 Vintage OBB

Previously I made a post about Pelikan 400 Vintage. (Click here to remember) Since I got another 400 on my hands, thanks to Mr. Turgay and since it has a great nib, I couldn’t miss the chance to share it with you.
As you know, I love vintage Pelikan nibs. This is one of them, 14k gold. There is OBB mark on the nib which is about to fade away. This means that it is an Oblique Double Broad. An ideal nib who turns the pen while writing.
If you want to have the maximum writing pleasure with oblique nibs, you should made the nib directly kissing the paper (Oh my God, is that remotely true?) And the ink is for those who wonder, Pilot Iroshizuku Tsukushi.
Do you use oblique nibs? And the most important, do you like them?
Zeynep Obliqian

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