Pelikan Dion P42 Fountain Pen Review



I bought this pen nearly a year ago and I lost it inside my home. Please don’t ask how I did. As a person who lives alone, I cannot blame anyone for the missing or misplaced items so I silently accepted it. As I moved my study/hobby/craft room recently, I found it! Oh my dear Pelikan Dion P42 fountain pen! I think the name of this fountain pen is very interesting. It has both a particular name like Dion and also a code. I guess Pelikan’s marketing department has a reason to do that.
Pelikan Dion P42 comes in a nice cardbox. It is obvious that as they cared about the design of this pen, they also cared about the display.
The most interesting part of the pen is the clips which seems like attached with a screw. I think this screw gives the pen a nice technical look.
Body slims down from cap to bottom. Except from the metallic section dividing the pen nearly in two, pen is produced from hard silicone.
 In order to demonstrate the size, I used our permanent model, Lamy Safari. Although Pelikan Dion P42 seems taller than Safari, it is a bit taller than it.

Cap is a click on type and although I think it is not necessary it can be posted. There is a Pelikan logo printed on top of the cap. Filling system is a cartridge converter which takes standard European cartridges. If you use the giant Pelikan cartridges, you can have it as a long-term workhorse pen.

This pen has a steel nib. Even though I have a Medium, it seems a bit finer. But I have to say that, it might not be about Pelikan Dion but something particular about my own pen. Although it was launched on 2010, Pelikan Dion P42 is not a hit. I guess that’s because it is way out of regular Pelikan line. Also it is in somewhere between young Pelikano line and classical piston fillers of Pelikan. I bought it for 70 TL (approximately 25 EUR)  nearly a year ago. Compared to average fountain pens like Lamy Safari, the price can be adjusted for this nicely designed pen.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Pelikanbird


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