Pelikan Edelstein Amber (Ink of the Year 2013)

You might already know, how much I like Edelstein inks. Imho, with their bottles, colors and with great flow they deserve an applause. Since Pelikan started producing Edelstein, they are launching an ink for every single year. In 2012, it was Turmaline and now it is Amber. I wanted to try amber as soon as it is available in Turkey. I think Edelstein (which means gemstone in German) is able to catch Amber’s dark orange color with a hint of transparency.

I think the most similar color to Amber was P.W. Akkerman’s Hopjesbruin. Louis Vuitton or andacieux was too brownish and the other colors was way too orange when compared to Edelstein Amber.In order to see all colors of Edelstein together (except Amber) CLICK HERE

You can find my other Edelstein reviews here:
Zeynep Gemstone (or you can just call me Emma Stone :p)



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