Pelikan Edelstein Garnet (Ink of the Year 2014)



You probably know that Pelikan launches “Ink of the Year” every year. It was Turmaline for 2012 and Amber for 2013 and we finally get the Garnet for 2014. I got it on my previous trip to Amsterdam.

Garnet, a precious red stone, is also a reddish ink. It has a great flow but feathering a bit on copy paper. Therefore I also wanted to try it on Rhodia.

As it didn’t feathered on Rhodia, it also had a great shading. Still not shading as much as Amber, the most shading ink of all Edelstein series.

When compared to other red/pink colors of Edelstein family, Turmaline and Ruby, Garnet gives this photo. Ruby is lighter and Turmaline is so pinkish when compared to Garnet.

I shoot it with J. Herbin Rouge Hematite and Waterman Red since I don’t have so many red inks and the others couldn’t be compared with the warm undertones of Garnet. With only negative side of not being resistant to water, Garnet is a great vibrant color choice for note taking and marking.

What do you think?


Zeynep Redink


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