Pelikan Edelstein Ruby Ink Review

I did not hosted Pelikan Edelstein inks in the blog for a while. So that I decided to make a post about one of the most neglected inks of the family, Pelikan Edelstein Ruby.
If you have a bottle sitting on the shelf for a while, just give a glance to the bottom you may see a bit of sediment but don’t worry. Just turn the bottle upside and down for a couple of times like turning an hourglass. Then opening carefully you could ink your pen.
Pelikan Edelstein Ruby is a subtle pinkish red color which is very soft, not like some other neon colors. Besides, it is easily can ben seen on the paper.
One of the best features of this ink is its great shadowing quality. If you really like shadowing in your ink.
All I could say about a bad feature of this ink is it is so vulnerable against water. If you are looking for a red ink but if you don’t fancy bright, bloodish reds than Pelikan Edelstein Ruby is a great alternative.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Rubyshoes


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