Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline Ink Review

 Pelikan launched its new market shaking ink line Edelstein in the recent years. Those inks stealing our hearts both with their boxes, bottles and vivid colors, was kind of a conciliation of Pelikan who was offering boring ink series of 4001 for years. Since the colors and the packaging was darn good, I couldn’t help myself and bought it all. And in this point, I would like to thank Celik Stationery who helped me a lot and delivered the inks by hand as a gesture.

And if you ask, what is Turmaline? Turmaline is a natural stone which bears all kind of tones in the nature but common as a pink stone. And the most precious one is blue Paraiba Turmaline which is also known as Egypt Turmaline. Besides, stone experts says, pink Turmaline gives joy!

After that much chat, and if you already read my ” How do I make ink reviews” post and the one about Ink Terms, now we can skip to the Turmaline, “Ink of the Year”.

Bottle and box is like you see above. They are quite heavy. For sake of an example: Edelstein 50 ml bottle is 276 grams while 50 ml 4001 is 149 grams or 80 ml Diamine is 195 grams. It is heavy! And the box is silvery nice box, with a concave end indicating the ink color.

There is a point I would like to draw your attention. First of all, just notice how dark is the ink in the first lines. This is something about Turmaline that ink gets darker as it waits in the nib, I don’t experience it while I am using Jade.


Overall, Edelstein is a nice pink color hosting hints through dark purple. It has a quite good flow and nearly totally dries in 5 seconds. I am satisfied by its water proof quality. It passes the wet hand test with so little smear which cannot even seen in the photo. (Maybe it is my bad photo skills!) 50 ml bottle is sold for 60 TRY (app. 30 EUR) but with a little bargain I guess you may have it for 50 (25 EUR). In price regard, it is cheaper than Caran d’Ache Earth but more expensive than Mont Blanc. However, I am not sure, if Turmaline will be available for the next years, since it is announced as “Ink of the Year”.

PS: Actually it has been a while since I prepared this article. When I first bought the Edelstein line, I made the swatches of all colors and pinned it to the board in my office. (No direct exposure) And unfortunately, colors of Turmaline and Ruby has faded away. There is no fading in other colors, at least as much as this. However, when I checked my ink review notebook, it was quite alright.




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