Pelikan M200 Cognac Special Edition (Italic) Review



This week’s special review is our long awaited fountain pen; Pelikan M200 Cognac. As you know, cognac is a special type of brandy which is made in Cognag town in Charente reigion of France. This pen, taking its color from cognac’s special color was awaited by the Pelikan fans.
Actually this is a regular Pelikan but with its transparent body, special italic nib and being a special edition this pen won our hearts. When it comes to there, they explain the difference between limited edition and special edition like this. In limited edition products has numbers on them and in special edition it doesn’t.
I skip the information regarding the size and weight. If you wonder, you can find a comparison off regular Pelikan line from this link. However, you could comfortably use this pen without a cap if you have small hands and if you have big hands or if you like tall pens you can use it with cap posted.
My favorite thing related to this pen is, it comes with an italic nib which I like to use so much. Normally Pelikan has a lot of nib choice but some edition comes with special nibs. Like Pelikan M800 Tortoiseshell coming with and Italic Broad nib. Of course you can have it with other nibs either.
This M200 with an italic nib is quite juicy wet. Or as a friend of mine tells “it drinks the oil”. With a one or two pages use you can see the ink level goes down nearly half through the piston. But it is great for those who likes wet fountain pens. And I think they are pretty good match wtih Iroshizuku Ina-Ho. 
The price of the Pelikan M200 Cognac is about 190 USD in Turkey. If you would like to buy a M200 as a classic pen, you can prefer this special edition.
Zeynep Alwaysdizzy

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