Pelikan N100 Fountain Pen Review


This time we have a splendid vintage fountain pen: Pelikan 100N. Even though it has never versions such as M101N, 100N have the advantage of its grace and flex nib. This pen has been produced among 1938 – 1951. Even though it is hard to come across within Turkey, it is possible to find it via E-bay.
Pen has 14K gold nib. It has a nice flex nib. You can see through the video or writing sample below.
(I accidentally wrote N100 on the video, but the original name is 100N. Sorry for inconvenience)
The pen has a chunky body when compared to modern Pelikan series, the cap top is rounder, clips has been placed after a big cap top and besides, there is a nice trimming on the bottom of the cap.
The pen is a wet writer due to its feed providing ink flow to a flex nib. The nib is marked with “o”. I searched about this but only thing I can find is that it means “Hard Copier Nib”. You might think it means oblique but there is no slant on the tipping and besides Pelikan marks oblique nibs with sizes such as OM-OB etc. If you have further information please let us know. In a nutshell, Pelikan 100N is a great classic pen working well despite the age and I would like to thank Mr. Turgay for letting me reviewing this pen.
What is your oldest pen?
Zeynep Pelikansson

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