Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen Review

Good Morning! I wish you a nice week and a prosper year for those who just started this school year.
I had a small, three day trip to Beirut on March and I have visited tidy amount of stationery shops and got some fountain pens. Pelikano was one of them. Pelikano is a brand of Pelikan with more affordable prices and targeted beginners.
Pelikano is redesigned in 2010 for the 50th anniversary of Pelikan. It is a solid, smooth yet a funny pen which can be appealing for children. It also comes in blue and green. Besides, it has a nice feeling not it doesn’t feel cheap. It has a juicy wet medium nib, which can fit everyone, unless you are a fan of extra fine nibs. And the best thing about this pen, it also comes with a left nib. I am not left handed but I know, left handed people are having hard times while using regular fountain pens.
As a coincidence, Celik Kalem (Pelikan distributor in Turkey) called me and they said they have a gift for me. And it was the same Pelikano that I bought from Beirut therefore, I decided to keep the new one for you. So if you want to win this pen all you need is to follow my blog and leave a comment to this post. Please feel free to mention it on twitter or your blog. Just don’t forget to leave the link to comment to gain extra giveaway points.


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