Pella Paper Notebook Review

I got this notebook when I have been to Trabzon in the previous months. I liked the printing on the cover like dome ceiling of an old church.

Bu defteri geçtiğimiz aylarda yaptığım Trabzon seyahatinde edinmiştim. Eski, yığma kiliselerin kubbesine benzeyen kapak resmi ile beni mest etmişti.

This notebook unfortunately, comes in a plastic wrap, like many other notebooks do and like many of us detest this problem. Because you don’t have chance to see the paper and let along test it. There is a paper label on plastic wrap with half English and half Turkish and it says the paper is 80 grams. And as you can see from the label, it is 7,5 TL (which is approximately 2 euros)
I tried this notebook with 5 different pens.  A Scrikss 17 which can be considered as dry with Montblanc W. Sheakspeare Velvet Red. My EF Pelikan 400 NN has Montblanc Oyster Grey in it. My very wet Soennecken s19 has a dry ink Montegrappa Burgundy and Hero 395 has Diamine Kensington Blue.
As you can see, Velvet Red has a hell of feathering. Diamine Kensington Blue as well.
And back of the page has a festival out there. Except from dry Montegrappa Burgundy ink, all the inks can bee seen in the back page. So “these are not the notebooks you are looking for”.
But I believe, we will find it some day 🙂
Zeynep Bulbousdome


  1. I have used both Moleskine weekly notebook ($28) and Pella Paper pocket notebook ($2 for a pack of 3) exact same quality cover, inner cover and papers.Although the same problem happend to me on both notebooks however for my opinion Moleskine is a rip-off compared to Pella Paper.

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