Pen Cleaning II: How to clean cartridge pens?


Today we are going to clean our cartridge pens. Those are the necessary items 🙂
First, disassamble your pen and keep it under running water so we will be able to remove the ink mostly. If your pen has been inked for a looong looong time you can leave it in a glass of water for a night.
After that, fill a pomp (baby nose aspirator or watchmen pomp) and squeeze it through the section. So we will be able to remove all the ink remained in the feed, especially if there are some particles. When the water is finished in the pomp, we can press some air in order to remove the clean water from the feed. If your tap water is calcic, you can fill the pomp with distilled water or a non calcic water.
Furthermore, I generally clean the cartridge with a syringe so that I could use it afterwards. And what about the q-tip seen on the first photo? If a pen remained with ink for a long time or just leaked due to some problems, then it is better to wash the cap. After washing the cap, we can dry the cap with the q-tips.
Zeynep Cleanpen


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