Pen Cleaning III: How to clean pistonfillers?


We continue to pen cleaning sessions. Today we have piston filler fountain pens. First of all in order to clear out all the remaining ink, we should turn the piston knob and drain all the ink to the sink.
While the piston is down, we can clean the residue ink on the nib and feed under the running water.
After that take a glass of clean water (distilled would be ideal), draw clean water to your pen and drain it to the sink again. Some might drain the water into the glass again but I don’t like this because next time you will get inked water to your pen. In this way, I draw clean water everytime and I can understand if the pen is cleaned from the color of the water I drained to the sink.
If you are using a pen like Pelikan which has screw type nib, you could take the nib out, wash it under the running water and you can clean the body both with running water and from the glass.
Do you think it ended? No way! To be continued…
Zeynep Always Clean Pen


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