Penol School Pen Fountain Pen


Have you ever heard of Penol brand? I was not up until Mr. Sümer gave this pen as a gift to me. And upon my research, Penol was a popular brand making great pens in Scandinavian countries.

Christian Olsen, who was a Parker distributor at the end of 20’s, decides to establish Penol  brand inspired by his nickname “Pen Olsen” when he had troubles having enough Parkers to distribute. However, at the end of 60’s Penol factory in Denmark had been closed and Penol is making fiber tip pens since then.

Penol School Pen, is neither more nor less than a perfect school pen with burgundy body, steel nib with Penol engraving and screw cap.

Besides, it has a filling system called, button filler. In this system, after soaking the nib into the ink, you push the button a few times and stressed sac inside sucks up the ink. It is quite easy and practical  for the young pupils, right?

Penol School pen has a fine steel nib. I inked it with Graf von Faber Castell Garnet Red ink. And it had a great performance.  And now, I have something to tell you. If you would like to have this pen, please leave a comment until 24.09.2018 18:00. Maybe you will be the new home for this pen.


Zeynep Pensson



  1. Hello Zeynep,

    This is quite interesting. Thanks for the write-up! Not long ago, school foutain pens with filling systems (and not cartridges) were quite common in many countries. This maker was hitherto unknown to me. As for the pen, it looks very much like an entry level version of a Parker Doufold (UK) from the late 1940s/early 1950s. What strikes me as more curious is the option to include the button filling system instead of the aerometric one.

    In Spain, several manufacturers produced Parker 51 and 21 clones, but as far as I know all used the aerometric system.




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