Pensan Fountain Pen

While I was out of town for business last week, I had chance to visit some small stationery stores. And in one of them, I came across with those Pensan Fountain Pens.
Pensan is a Turkish brand of stationery items. Therefore, when I first see the pens I was quite surprised and excited and ready to read our national anthem but then I realized that the label says “Made in Taiwan”. Still I am glad that one of the Turkish brand added fountain pens to its product range. (Insert photo here of some young people looking brightly for the future)
It was made of colorful plastic and cap has an inner cap. Clip looks like chrome plated but one of them has a bit of chipping off but I didn’t care much.
It works with European standard cartridge which is good as standard cartridges are widely available. Judging from the length of the body, I assume that it can also take long Pelikan cartridges.
Pen has a generic Iridium Point Germany nib. It isn’t exactly the best nib I have ever written but it works. Tough a bit dry and fine for my taste. And there is a small ring between the body and the grip section. However, this ring is not constant and if you lost it, cap will not be closed.
However, I have a big question mark regarding this very pen. I have four of them and every one has a different number on the feed. Why God whyyyyy!!! Please let me know, if you know the reason.
And what about the price? I got this pen for 4,5 TL which is around 1,5 Euro. The price reminded me a dialogue with a friend, who is a teacher. Once he told that other teachers are telling him that it is very extravagant to spend 50 USD for a fountain pen. And he added: “They buy a new disposable pen for 3 dollars every week and they don’t seem to notice that they spend more than me.” The best thing about this pen, you don’t need to throw it away while it is cheap. You can work on its nib without hesitation or just give it to children whom you want to introduce with fountain pens.
Did you like it or not?
Zeynep Candycrush


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