Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen

Iwanted to write about Pentel Tradio as the first pen of this week. I really have to stand up for this simple, plain and cheap fountain pen. As I always repeat, when it comes to fountain pen the equality is never the most expensive = the best. Sometimes a cheap pen can be a treasure. And I can say Pentel Tradio is a treasure of mine.
First of all it is a wet writer. This is my favorite feature. And second, also caused by this wet character it is a bit thicker than our usual medium nibs. As seen from the writing sample it has a fat line. I used it with the long international cartridge comes within and I have to say that I consumed it in a week. Please note I also used other fountain pens in the meantime.
It writes “Tradio TRF Pentel” on the cap and there is a small window. I guess it is a smart decoration to distinguish the stylo using the same body and cap with the fountain pen version. Cap is a click on with a nice sound of click. This makes Pentel Tradio as a practical everyday carry and saves us from if the cap did not properly closed concern.
What about the price? I bought it from Turkey for 21 USD. Considering that it is 26 USD on Jetpens, a very good deal. Who would like this pen? Someone looking for an everyday carry fountain pen to use at work or school, someone who wants to introduce his/her child to fountain pens and doesn’t want to spend a fortune. People who likes Pilot Metropolitan but thinks it is a bit fine for his/her taste or who doesn’t like a metal body fountain pen. Pentel Tradio can be a good option.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Japanesean

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