Peter Pauper Press 16 Month Calendar

Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to announce that, the planner season has just started. For most of us, we will be seeking for new type journals, transfer the dates to the new one and promise ourselves we will be regularly keeping our journals this year! Last year I got myself a very mini Moleskine Diary 2012. But it was way to small, so I was not be able to take notes properly. Therefore, after a while I left using it. For 2013 I decided to go with a bigger journal which I can properly open. And since I left using my Moleskine before the year ends, I choose a 16 months journal so I started using it by September.
So I saved this year for Peter Pauper Press 16 month calendars. Peter Pauper Press was founded in 1928 and they are the one of leading publishers of United States. You can have more information from their website.
When you open it, you have a whole week in front of you. Some of the national days, religious days (including Jewish, Christian and Muslim) indicated besides, moon phases and solstices. (Yay! Wiccans!) And at the bottom, you have a whole vision of present and the next month. It also has a rubber band to keep everything together and a folder at the back of back cover so you can hoard your ephemera in. Besides, this is the cover I bought, apart from that one, they have various colors and designs.
Generally speaking; I liked the idea, I liked the size. It is very handy and practical. The only thing I didn’t like about it the PAPER! It is a cheap paper which tends to bleeding, feathering and even show-through. So I am not able to write my calendar with my fountain pens except EF nibs. But I find another type of pen for this which I will be sharing with you soon.



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