Picasso 606 Candle Flame Fountain Pen

 Hi Everyone,
Picasso is a young Chinese brand, established in 2008. This company mostly uses art themes for their pens. I got this pen years ago from a local pen shop in Kadıköy. This pen is inspired from the painting of Picasso, Jug, Candle and Enamel Pan and it is called Candle Flame.
However, I put it somewhere and forgot it right there. I swear I forgot! But I found it recently and inked it up and following, there was a huge surprise for me. This nib is writing quite smooth despite it is fineness.
This pen has a hooded nib which I assume a steel  one. Although the body is mostly white, the section is black which prevents us from the great fear of “is my white pen got ink stains?” There is no marking on the nib however, judging from the writing experience, it is either a Fine or Extra Fine.
I inked this pen up with True Teal ink of Levenger which is a brand famous for wet inks. And it worked great! If you can order from USA, I recommend Levenger inks. I especially like magic potion ink bottles of the brand 🙂 You can use this pen with European cartridges or convertors.
I guess I had a prejudice towards this pen when I first got it. However it overcame my prejudice with its smooth nib. Did you like it?
And I wonder which pens eliminated your prejudices?
Zeynep Like a Picasso

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