Pilot 78G vs. Lamy

Actually, I touched upon the similarities and differences between Pilot 78G and Lamy Safari 1.1 italic nib yesterday, alas I forgot to add some pictures.
As you could see above, the sizes of the two pens are quite similar even in the weight.
I don’t know how much you could spot from the photograph but nib sizes are also very similar. However, as an old Lamy fan myself, I would state out that I feel slightly easier while writing with Lamy.
Nevertheless, the main difference between these two fountain pens is availability. It is possible to find Lamy nearly in every stationery in every Turkish city, this is not the situation for Pilot fountain pens. In fact, I really do not get the point while Pilot brand is one of the most well-known pen brand in Turkish and they still act very shy in penetrating the fountain pen market in Turkey. I think it is Pilot’s Turkey distribütör Umur Kırtasiye to bear the burden. I hope they could hear us in the nearest future so that we quit paying high shipping prices to websites.

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