Pilot Custom 74 Music Nib

Hello everyone! I wish you a great and easy week whatever you are dealing with. This week I want to start with a medium range pen of Pilot, Custom 74.
When compared to Prera and Kakuno, Pilot Custom 74 is on a level above, better looking pen. Unlike Custom 823 with a vacuum filling system, Custom 74 has a cartridge/converter system which I know many people find it much more comfortable although it doesn’t hold tons of inks.
My Custom 74 has a music nib. Unlike Sailor 1911 Young Profit music nib, Pilot music nib has two nib slits. However, it was a bit (frankly more than a bit) scratchy out of the box so it required some work on it before putting up for use. It is something unusual for Pilot pens.
Compared to other music nibbed pens own (Sailor Young Profit and Platinum 3776) Custom 74 has a slight flex. Of course I need to remind you that, it is not a flex flex as in vintage pens but a line variation.
I inked my pen with Montblanc Daniel Defoe (yes I ink my Japanese pens with European inks) As you can see from the photo, it has a line thickness difference with the vertical and horizontal strokes. Also, it catches up with the slight pressure.
What do you think about music nibs? Yay or nay?
Zeynep Musicnib


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