Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen Review

This fountain pen is also one of the pens I was lent by Mr. Turgay for a review. I really want to thank him since with his effort, my blog becomes a big fountain pen archive.
Pilot Custom 823 is one of the admiralship pens of Pilot. It has an amber translucent body, vacuum filling system and with its 14 k gold nib, it makes you feel the plain but yet quality look of Japanese pens.
 Pen comes with a monotone 14 K gold nib. As you can see it is quite simple without too many decorative engravings on it. And of course as a Japanese pen classic, Medium nib writes slightly finer than regular, just between Medium and Fine.
 Pilot Custom 823 has a vacuum filling mechanism. In order to fill it, you should be unscrewing the knob at top, pull it up and while the pen looks like as in the photo dip it into ink bottle and push it back. With this, pen sucks up the ink to the body from the bottle.
 Nib is quite smooth and it is really a pleasure to write with. However, as in other vacuum filling fountain pens it has a problem that, after long writing sessions it becomes dry and finally it stops writing. However the solution for that is quite simple. You just have to unscrew the top knob a bit. Just like shown in the great video broadcasted by Brian Goulet: http://www.inknouveau.com/2013/03/screw-them-vac-fillers.html
 To put in a nutshell, Pilot Custom 823 is an elegant and beautiful fountain pen. Especially if you are wondering about Japanese pens and you are reluctant since because they don’t have built-in filling systems, it is a good opportunity.
 What do you think about this pen?
Zeynep Japanesepen

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