Pilot G-Tec

 Hi Everyone,
Today I am willing to show you one of my “non-fountain pen” favorite pens.  As you all know Pilot is a very well-known brand. However in Turkey the brand name evolved into a generic name for all needle point pens. Because a few years ago they were not offering any fountain pens in Turkish market. After a lot of struggle and many blog articles they decided to bring the fountain pens but with some unreasonable pricing.
I have my Pilot G-Tec pens in 0.4 but they also have 0.25 for more finer lines.  They are sold mostly for red, green, blue and black however I believe now they also have purple. I am sure there are many more colors in Japanese market.
I use these pens mostly to underline the books I am reading and taking notes to margins. This is the best thing about them being a fine writer. And when I try to do the underlining with ballpoints the ink fades away before I reach the end of the line. This does not happen in Pilot G-Tec pens.
And let’s talk about the dirty part. When I first got those pens they were about 8 liras (2 Euros app.) Now in some websites they are priced around 13 TRY (app. 4 Euros) and in brick and mortar stores it is sold for 25 TRY (app. 6 Euros) Wow, just wow!
Do you underline your books or you have been told to keep them clean?
Zeynep Underlined

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