Pilot Iroshizuku Ajisai Ink Review



Today’s ink is Ajisai from Iroshizuku family which is very talented to make us fall in love with the bottles and colors. Ajisai is the name for hydrangea in Japan and you cannot imagine how it matches with this name. I really liked the ink so I couldn’t help myself to post a lot photos (of course there is also a share of my new lens)
Ajisai is a soft, warm blue. It is neither dark as blue-black inks, nor striking as Noodler’s Baystate Blue, the most controversial ink of the market, nor boring as classic blue inks. Even though it is very suitable for daily use, it still varies itself from regular blues.
When it comes to properties, it is fine and smooth like other Iroshizuku inks. Water-proof quality is not the best but still quite good. It is a bit sad that it has a tendency to bleed and feather. And there is another thing that goes to cons list since I am a fan of shadowing, it nearly has no shadow. (I don’t know why I wrote low-medium on the form but it has no shadowing at all)
The price of Iroshizuku inks are between 15 USD (Ebay) and 28 USD (Goulet pens) while it is 125 TL (62 USD / No, not joking!) in Turkey. And only 4 colors are offered. It is like a big test for Turkish market.
What do you think?
Zeynep Hydrangea

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