Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-ho Ink Review

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Pilot Iroshizuku has been the love-mark of ink market since they have been launched. It struck us at the heart with their perfume bottle like bottles and beautiful colors. I ordered two bottles of them via a friend of mine having a trip to the United States. And one of them was Ina-ho which means rice ear. I really like using this ink with my wet and broad fountain pens.
Ina-ho is really an interesting color and as you might notice I had hard times to find a similar ink to compare with. If you ask me to describe the color, I would say a bit yellowish with golden hints and a bit of brown undertones in green and I would shut myself up in pain 🙂
And I often encounter with the question if I have troubles using Japanese inks in Western pens. I can answer that; except a bit sweat drops on the nib I did not experience any burps on any of my pens.
Did you like the color?
Zeynep Japanink


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