Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai Ink Review



Hi There,
I wanted to close the week with an ink review. Although blue-blacks are not my first choice to use, I know I lot of people prefers them for the business life. Therefore I would like to start with a beautiful blue-black, Shin-Kai as it means deep sea. One of my favourite things while on summer holidays is to swim during the night. I don’t know if it is because I lost perception of depth due to darkness, but the sea seems deeper and darker at night. Therefore, as far as I unscrew the cap, it reminded me of the swimming nights of my holidays.
While testing this ink, I used my Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler fountain pen on Rhodia dotpad. I think this medium wet writer was able to emphasize the color of this ink.
I mentioned about the shading on the inks before, it is possible to see a good shading in Shin-kai.
Second writing sample is also written with the same pen. However, when I wrote the first sample, it was when I newly inked the pen and I wrote slowly and carefully. So the writing seems darker. Second sample is my rapidly taken conference notes after a while with same pen and same ink. Since the pen writes a bit less wetter, the shading can be seen more. This notebook is Paperblanks.

Yes, this ink is really beautiful, but it is a known fact that Iroshizuku inks are above the avarage ink prices, besides it is hard to get them if you live in Turkey. Therefore, I wanted to make a comparison of my blue-black inks. (There is a little mistake, it will be Diamine Prussian Blue, instead of Presidental Blue) I think the closest color to Shin-Kai is Private Reserve’s Sonic Blue and J. Herbin Blue Nuit. Apart from resemblance, I like Sailor Jentle Blue-Black. Also, with its nice color and luxurious bottle Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite is a competitor of Shin-Kai.

Do you like blue-black inks?


Zeynep Blackandblue

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