Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji Ink Review

Maybe because I am just back from holiday and full of energy, I wanted to start the week with this great pink ink. Tsutsuji, which means azalea in Japan commits to carry all the shades of pink flowers in itself.
Especially its great golden sheen reveals with the sunlight erminds me the golden stigma of a pink flower.
Yes, maybe Iroshizuku Tsutsuji is not suitable for signing documents or preparing a CV for a job application (sure your CV will shine like a bright diamond among others) but if you would like to create a flower bouquet with your notes to your SO than Tsutsuji is the perfect choice.
For me, I like to fill my small notebooks in which I note down the quotes from the books I read. I like taking notes with this sweet pink ink, writing my grocery list with it and putting this list on the refrigerator and composing little notes to convey my friends with this ink…

Yes it is not getting along with water and not an everyday carry color. But it is beautiful enough to tear us apart from the suitable for everyday carry, society approved life… I believe inks are particularly great since because they are full of colors.And here is our previous Iroshizuku reviews



Zeynep Prettyinpink

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