Pilot Justus Semi-Flex Fountain Pen

When it was first launched a few years ago, Pilot Justus revived the fountain pen world. Apart from the Noodler’s steel flex nibs, there will be a flex gold nib fountain pen among modern pens. Besides, the flex level would be arranged on the nib with a plate as in vintage Doric nibs. With this eager, many fountain pen enthusiasts purchased this pen.
Pilot Justus comes in a plain black box. Inside box, pen is laying down in a foam bed seperated from its cap. And there is another foam piece, covering them. Actually I do not like this when the pen laying down in a box without its cap. The possibility of pen gets loose from the foam and nib gets hurt is a cause of tension for me.
In general Pilot Justus fountain pen has a classic body and gold trimmings. It comes with a sticker indicating the nib size. (Yes, it is the same label with the Pilot 78G but still better than Montblanc labels) And don’t worry, even you peel the label there is still marking on the nib, showing the nib size.
Pilot Justus Nib
There is a ring on the grip section. You can see the engraved H and S letters on that ring and when you turn that ring on the H or S side, the little plate on the nib is coming up and down. If you turn the ring on H side, the plate goes down and nib becomes rigid. If you turn it towards S the plate comes up and it becomes softer or let’s say semi-flex. (In the photo, it is on the softest mode)
The pen quite simple. Except guillioche patterns on the body, there is no other decoration. It comes with the Pilot con-70 converter which is filled with the button on top. At the end, it is a quite simple pen with no big headache.
And the nib… In this photo it is turned to hard so on the rigid mode. Nib is made of 14k gold.
Pilot Justus Writing Sample
Of course, since it is a Japanese pen and also a Fine, Pilot Justus is a fine, very fine writer. I inked it with Monbtlanc Ultra Black. And with the softer mode, it is just a semi-flex. And I think the feed is not quite enough in terms of flow. It makes rail-roading. And with the hard mode, it is a fine writer as you can see.
Who likes this pen? Someone, who likes classic pens with unusual nibs, practicing Business cursive kind of fonts where you need a bit flex but not too much or if you hesitate on the maintenance of vintage pens and mostly investing on moderns. You can like this pen. Who shouuld avoid? If you like pens with full flex nibs, wet noodles etc. Forget about Pilot Justus. It is not a real flex.
What is your favorite flex pen?
Zeynep Flexkalem



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