Pilot Kaküno Fountain Pen Review


Kaküno is Pilot’s recently released pen targeted the kids and the young pen users. Actually I am not sure whether to call it a kids pen because I have many adult friends pleasantly using this pen. Maybe we all have a living kid inside or we like colorful things. The pen comes within this box. Body is dark grey and caps are ranging from green to pink. There is no converter in the box, it comes with a pilot cartridge. However, if you have Con-50 or Con-70 converters beforehand, you can use with Kaküno.
I think the reason why they demonstrated the cap apart from the body while designing the box is to show that big smiley on the nib. There is huge smiley on the nib and it invites us to the fun in this quite serious fountain pen world. Apart from that, the nib and the feed is same with a Pilot Prera. As a two proud Prera owner, I would be happier if it came with a different nib.
Since there is no clips at the cap, they added a small rim (? I am not sure if it is the right word) to the cap. Very unnoticeable but very functional detail. Cap clicks on to the body. Besides, as the body is opaque grey, the grip section is translucent so you can see the ink going through the feed and nib.
I used this pen with a very nice and vibrant pink, Caran d’Ache Sunset and I liked it. However, I have to remind you that medium writes like a fine and there is no broad option on this pen.
About the sizes, Kaküno is a bit shorter than Lamy Safari. The price is around 12 GBP at UK websites and around 16,5 USD at American websites. It can be thought as a beginner pen. I can recommend it for kids, for youngs and for those who have a small child inside.
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Zeynep Achildinside


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