Pilot M90 Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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I wanted to trigger the week with a special pen. M90 is the second version of one of the Pilot’s most special pens. Actually, the story starts with Pilot launching the MYU 701 in 1971. However, (I don’t know why) Pilot stops producing this pen. During the 90’s they decide producing M90 as a tribute to legendary MYU 701. However, they market it as a limited edition pen stabbing us to death. (Please insert a gloomy song here) Oh, let’s start talking about this great pen! It is an eye candy and a pleasure for both our hands and hearts. It comes in a plain black box, buried in black foam rubber. It actually says, “Hello darling, I’m here!”There is a mini top jewel up on the cap. And right beneath it, there is “M90” brand engraved with laser in a subtle way. No eye torture.
There is something differs this pen from the usual fountain pens and that is nib being a whole with the body. It is not separately attached to the body but the body itself is also a nib. This is what makes this pen and his elder brother MYU 701 special.
 Since the nib is integrated with the body, there is no grip section. It is just metal. I know that some people is not comfortable with metal grip sections but this pen has something special and I liked it.
 This is a cartridge/converter pen. It uses proprietary Pilot cartridges or Pilot Con-20 converters.
 And the nib. Oh I am running out of words when it comes to this nib. It is a medium but of course a bit finer than European mediums and has a great flow and marvelously smooth. It is one of the pens I drooled over while using.
 This pen is great! And put your hands on if you ever come across with it. However, it is hard to find either MYU 701 or his distant cousin Murex or limited edition M90. They generally have high collection price tags.
What is your most favorite pen design?
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