Pilot Metropolitan (aka Pilot Mr.) Fountain Pen


According to my humble opinion, what shows the quality of a fountain pen brand is how well performs its inexpensive line of pens rather than the expensive ones. In the end, the expensive pen lines has the best materials, limited numbers and good craftsmanship. But what about the more available inexpensive series of pens? A while ago, I bought a cheap fountain pen from a well-known and expensive fountain pen brand for an acquaintance and I was really surprised with its scratchy (I mean really really scratchy) nib which makes you like you are writing to a rock instead of a paper.  However, since I am fully sure with Pilot’s quality, I didn’t hesitate a bit while buying this pen.

Pilot Metropolitan comes in three different colors; including silver, champagne and matte black. Besides, it has pattern variations on the belt. I preferred the matte black with a plain belt. Pen has an average height and average weight. Not too heavy or not too light. However, it is close to the light side. Also the dimensions of the pen is quite well.

For a 15 USD pen, it has nice box I guess. It comes with a plastic box of two pieces and an outer cardbox. I think the presentation is important asset and Pilot passes the class with this presentation.
My pen has a Medium nib. As far as I know, it also comes with Fine nib as well. On the nib, you can see the engravings “Pilot <M> Japan”. As we all know from Japanese nibs, it is slightly finer than European mediums but not a huge difference. Pilot Metropolitan has a very smooth nib and no problems as expected from Pilot.Unfortunately, although Pilot brand as a wide distribution network for their products, they do not haev the same attention for their fountain pen line. Therefore, it is hard to obtain this fountain pen around Turkey. If you are in Istanbul, you can purchase it from Kadikoy Guven Sanat Stationery or Sirkeci Yeni Zaman Stationery. Prices vary among 35-55 TRY.Cheers,

Zeynep Fountainpen


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