Pilot Parallel Pen

Brace yourselves, spring is coming. Especially if you have spring allergies. Therefore I wanted to spoil myself with those great vibrant colors of Pilot Parallel pen. Four different colors and for different nib size.
Pilot Parallel Pen comes in a plastic box as shown in the photo. Two cartridges (black and red/orange), one squeeze converter and one little thing to clean the fibre out of the nib comes. It is something useful so try not to lost it. Besides there is a little leaflet (not in the photo) has some explanations on calligraphy. Besides, remember Pilot Parallel pens’ cartridges fits with other Pilot fountain pens however ink is a bit different. So if you clean your cartridges after you consume them, you can re-fill it and use for your Pilot 78G for example.
The nib sizes of those pens goes 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.8 mm and 6.0 mm. Cap color and plastic nib holder is in the same color. However there is no indicative mark on the bodies.
And the most interesting part of the pen is its unique nib. As you can see it composed from two metal pieces placed parallel to each other. This nib gives us a great way of writing. However, Pilot Parallel pen is a bit picky about the ink. You either will get its own cartridges or you will use with inks like Iroshizuku.
And here is the writing sample. 1.5 and even 2.4 can be used daily. 3.8 is great for practicing calligraphy. However 6.0 is quite big and wide. I am not able to find a practical area to use it since now.
If you are looking for a pen to practice calligraphy I recommend Pilot Parallel Pen.
Did you like Pilot Parallel Pen?
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