Pilot Petit 1 Fountain Pen Review

 This fountain pen means a lot to me. When I started blogging, I joined to a giveaway in East West Everywhere and among with winning the giveaway, I also gained a great friend. So this pen has became conduce toward to a friendship.
 As named “petit”, Pilot Petit is a small fountain pen with a transparent feed and steel nib.
 Actually this pen is named Petit 1 since Petit 1 is a fountain pen, Petit 2 is a felt tip signature pen and Petit 3 offered as a brush pen. All those three pens has the same body, they just have different nib types.
 Installing the cartridge it is a great joy to see the ink flows through the feed.
 Nib is a classic Pilot Varsity nib. Made of steel but not tiring. The nib in my pen is marked as F and when compared to Varsity’s M nib, it is indeed an F. It is quite smooth and a non-problematic. Due to its color of cartridge, I used this pen as an highlighter so far. But it is practical for daily use especially since it has a click cap.
Aaaand, I have a surprise for those who are still reading this post. I am giving away the blue-black of this pen. Just follow my blog and leave a comment until Friday.
Zeynep Petitpen

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