Pilot Prera Fountain Pen

 When I met with 78G, I really liked the nib and writing style of the pens. That’s why, I ordered my second Pilot (actually when considered I have two 78G’s, this is my third Pilot pen), Prera.
 Like other pens of Pilot, it is quite a non-problem, working out of box pen. Just ink it and start using. Every Pilot pen I have been used and experienced, I have never come across with a scratchy nib or a hard starter or a bad aligned nib, including the Prera I am using. It is possible to say that Pilot is quite successful about quality issues.
 When compared to the regular pens, Prera is a bit shorter, 12 centimeters. Imagine, Lamy Safari is approximately 14,5 centimeters, I guess the difference can be seen easily. Weight without ink is 18 gram. Again, it is 1 gram more than Lamy Safari. The best thing I liked about Prera is its cap style. Even though it is not a screw type cap, still closed better than Lamy Safari and Al-Star and it is unlikely to be loosen and opened in your bag.
 Prera comes with a converter called Pilot con-20 as seen on the photograph. In my humble opinion, I do not think that those converters are practical. As I have to dip the pen into the ink bottle every time and I also do not like the possibility of contamination of previous ink. However, it is possible to use Pilot with piston converters or its own cartridge.


Prera comes with F or M nib choices. As we mentioned earlier, since Japanese style nibs are a little bit finer than usual, this M nib could be considered F+ or F. However, this even doesn’t bother someone like me who likes B nibs since the pen gives very smooth and uninterrupted writing experience.

As a note, I bought this pen from Stationery Art from 34 USD which I believe it worth every penny spent.


Note: Book is “After Life” from Carol Neiman and Emily Goldman

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