Pilot Super 200 Fountain Pen

I am here with a vintage Pilot pen as pen of the week. Pilot Super 200 is a pen produced in 50’s by Pilot. When a friend of mine got this pen, I couldn’t resist to borrow it to review in the blog.
This pen has a classic appearance for us, but a revolutionary design for Pilot. There is a broad gold ring put on the cap which seems to split the body in two different parts.
There is a Pilot marking in the clip coming from the top.
This pen’s nib looks like a big nail. There is a heart-shaped breather hole along with a crescent like hole. The  nib marked with Pilot “Made in Japan” and 14k engravings. Although there is no indication about nib size, it is an EF 🙂
This pen has a unique filling system. There is a silicone sac in the metal section and a small button looks like a cockscomb. When you push this little button down, you actually squeeze the sac and when you release the ink fills within the sac.
Pilot Super 200 has a semi-flex nib, which can provide a line variation. I inked it with Rohrer&Klingner  Morinda and  on the contrary to the belief that Japanese pens cannot be used with European inks,  it works very well.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Vintagepen

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